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Utility Billing Rates & Information

The City provides water and sewer services to Shelton residents where available. The City contracts with a private hauler to collect recycling from City residents. Some areas out of the City’s limits also receive water or sewer services. Garbage and recycling pick-up is not currently available to residents located outside of City limits.

The City of Shelton has privatized garbage/recycling service. To find more information about garbage/recycling, visit Mason County Garbage.

City utility bills are mailed on or around the 25th of each month, and considered due upon issue. The actual billing date will be determined by the placement of weekend and holiday dates, and will reflect services for the preceding month.

Accounts not paid within 35 days of issuance are considered delinquent and will assess a $5.00 late fee. Delinquent accounts must be paid within 7 days of the past due notice or the property will be scheduled for disconnection and an additional $10.00 late fee will be added to the account balance. Should any utility service be disconnected for non-payment, the account will be charged a $100.00 service fee. The service fee is $100.00 for reconnections made after regular business hours.

Low-income senior or disabled customers may qualify for up to a 20% discount on utility charges. Please contact Customer Service at 360.426.4491 for details.

For More Information on the Services listed below please contact Customer Service at 360-426-4491.

  • Sewer Service
  • Storm Drainage Fees
  • Stormwater Impervious Appeal
  • Stormwater Rate Reductions
  • Water Service

Monthly rates:

For more information on services listed below please call Customer Service at 426-4491
(Detailed rate information can be found at:

Water rates are calculated based on a flat charge determined by meter size and a per cubic foot consumption charge. There are differing rates per cubic foot of consumption depending upon the type of end-user (single-family residential, industrial, multi-family, commercial).

Your sewer bill consists of a base charge plus a consumption charge based on your water use. Sewer charges are based on actual water consumption for the November bill through the May bill. For summer billing months of June through your October bill, your charge is based on the water use average for the billing months of November, December, January, February and March. As with the water rates, the sewer consumption charge differs depending upon the type of end-user (single-family residential, multi-family, industrial, and commercial).

Storm Drain
Other Charges