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How Jurors Are Chosen

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How Jurors Are Chosen

Computers, at random from lists of voter registration, driver’s licenses and identification cards, choose the names of prospective jurors. The list is maintained by the Mason County Clerk's Office. Jurors are then assigned to the Superior, District, or Municipal Court, dependant upon the needs of the courts.

To be eligible a juror must be at least 18 years of age, a citizen of the United States, a resident of the county in which the juror is to serve, and be able to communicate in English. If a person has ever been convicted of a felony, his or her civil rights must have first been restored. Those eligible may be excused from jury service if they have illnesses that would interfere with their ability to do a good job, would suffer a great hardship if required to serve, or are unable to serve for other legitimate reasons. Once chosen, a juror becomes part of the “jury pool” - a group of citizens from which trial juries are chosen.

If you have been selected as a Juror in Mason County, or if you would just like more Juror information, please click here to be taken to the County Clerk's Juror Web site.