Well #1 Pipeline Pressurization Project Begins Construction

Work recently began on our Well #1 pipeline pressurization project. The rehabilitation of Well #1 and pressurizing the associated water main are key updates to the City's potable (drinking) water system. The contractor for this project is Rognlin's.

The current line is an open-air, gravity-fed water line. By converting to a pressurized line, we'll better ensure the delivery of safe, clean water from Well #1 to our main water system.

For more information on the Well #1 pipeline pressurization project, go to sheltonwa.gov/WellOne.

There are a couple of traffic/road updates to know for this project:

  • Intersection of North 13th/East K Streets (Spring site): The project contractor will need the inside lane at the intersection of North 13th Street and East K Street to install a new precast valve vault as part of this project. The traffic revision will be installed every morning at 7 a.m., and the contractor will remove the revision at the end of the day while this work is being done.
  • Intersection of North 10th and Connection Streets
  • Intersection of North 12th and East E Streets