Welcome to Shelton
Welcome to Shelton! This page has more information on Shelton's history and some of the local businesses and organizations that call Shelton home. 

New Resident Guide
Have you recently moved to Shelton? The process of moving and settling into a new home can be overwhelming. We've gathered a list of local resources to help make the transition to a new home easier.

Recreation Programs
Our Parks and Recreation department offers recreation programs to our community year-round. This link has their latest program brochure.

Assistance Programs
We offer some assistance and discount programs for our utility customers. This page has more information on those programs and contact information for local resources and our Customer Service desk.

This page has information on the various ways our community can and is responding to homelessness, as well as information on our Homelessness Task Force. 

Code Enforcement
Our Code Enforcement division, part of the Community and Economic Development department, works with residents and property owners to maintain and improve property aesthetics, property values, and community appearance.

Community Calendar
Want to know more about special events happening around Shelton? Are you hosting an upcoming event in Shelton? Check out our community calendar.

Special Events
Special event permits are generally required for any activity that attracts participants/spectators, for a particular or limited purpose and time, to gather within Shelton city limits. Special event permits are coordinated by the City Clerk's office. 

Fireworks FAQs
All fireworks are illegal within Shelton city limits. Fireworks violations are a misdemeanor and are subject to a fine. We've gathered some frequently asked questions about fireworks in Shelton, which you can view at this link. 

Road Construction and Traffic Impacts
This page has more information about ongoing road construction work/traffic impacts in Shelton.