Community Cleanups

Spring 2023 cleanups are scheduled for Saturday, May 13, and Saturday, May 20 from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the intersection of 1st and Grove Streets (old Mell's lot).

These community cleanup events are for Shelton city residents only. You must bring either a City of Shelton utility bill or an ID with an address in Shelton city limits.

Community cleanups are for free disposal of one truckload of accumulated household garbage and trash. Not intended for commercial use. 

Excluded Items

The following items will not be accepted as part of a community cleanup event:
Air conditioners Stoves/ranges
Furniture Dishwashers
Refrigerators Freezers
Washers and dryers Gas heaters
Microwaves Hazardous waste
Mattresses/box springs Construction/demolition debris
Heaters Roofing materials
Sinks Oil or paint cans
Toilets Recycling
Water heaters Car parts
Wood burning stoves Tires
Cabinets Furnaces
Latex paint Fireworks
TVs, computers, or other electronics Medicines
Alkaline batteries Ammunition or explosives of any kind

City staff will have the discretion to determine which items will not be accepted.